FCCA Posts

FCCA Posts

Riding the Fox Cities – December

Nearly one year ago, in January, I started a blog series about riding the Fox Cities. I had just finished a winter ride and felt great, and I wanted to share that experience with others, so I wrote a blog about it. Now it’s nearing the end of 2016 and another year of riding is […]

Riding the Fox Cities – Fall

It’s hard to believe one week ago I was commuting to work on my bike in a t-shirt, 60 degrees, sunshine…and just several days before the Appleton Christmas parade. The temperature eventually did drop for our annual ride in the parade…it seemed appropriate, but in case you missed it, this past weekend was sunny again […]

Riding the Fox Cities – June

June has come and gone, summer is officially here, and yes, it’s a great time to ride in the Fox Cities. In all honesty, I haven’t been doing much riding in the Fox Cities this past month. Summer is also the time for family vacations, so I and my family did exactly that. For this […]

Riding the Fox Cities – May (Cats and Dogs)

May is coming to an end, but summer is just starting. Hopefully you were able to get in a few bike rides, because it’s a great time to ride in the Fox Cities! My personal theme for May is “Cats and Dogs”. Doesn’t sound like much of a bike theme? Well, keep on reading and […]

Riding the Fox Cities – April

Well, it’s April, and it’s a great time to ride in the Fox Cities!  Ok, for the observant, it is already May.  (I guess it is technically even May for the unobservant.)  I missed my deadline by a day.  I really did intend to publish this in April and in fact I had it mostly […]

Riding the Fox Cities – March

So I typically start my posts by noting it’s a great time to ride the Fox Cities.  Well, it’s March.  And although it is still a great time to ride, March is often the most challenging time of year to ride for me personally.  Biking the warm, sunny days of summer is easy to enjoy. […]

Riding the Fox Cities – Valentines Day and Winter Gear

This past Sunday was Valentine’s Day.  As an act of true love, my wife allowed me to spend a few hours with my other true love.  A love I have had since I was a child.  Which is fortunate for me, because this past Sunday was a great day to ride in the Fox Cities. […]

Riding the Fox Cities – February Edition

Last Saturday was a great day to ride in the Fox Cities.  I joined nearly 100 other riders to partake in the rare opportunity to bike across Lake Winnebago.  The event was organized by the FCCA and attracted riders from well beyond the Fox Cities, including riders from Minnesota, Illinois, and Ohio.  This is the second […]

Riding the Fox Cities – January Edition

I just got back from a bike ride around the Fox Cities and I feel great. In fact, it inspired me to share my story with you, followers of the FCCA, in hopes that you can experience this same feeling. I know what you are thinking…biking in winter is “crazy”! I admit, it is difficult […]

Are you Ready?

The National Bike Challenge begins Friday, are you ready?