Hitting the Big Time

If you’ll notice your browser, we have our own Domain FINALLY!!! Change your bookmarks, for the last time, I swear it on my bike this time.

For those of you new to the group, which is quite a few, WELCOME! Hope you attended the Family Friendly Cycling Fest, or one of our monthly Moonlight Rides. If not, don’t worry there are plenty more places and events to check out coming up soon. Speaking of Events, We NEED YOUR HELP. How? First off, think of becoming a full fledged member, just check out the link, we want to keep on holding family friendly events, and unfortunately those events are never free. Your membership dues are a tax free as we are an official Non Profit Organization, and will be used to help make the Fox Cities more Cyclist friendly.

Also, we need to get a few committees up and running ASAP. We are looking for help determining our Social Media direction, Membership Benefits Packages, as well as the upcoming FED Fest and our Appleton Green Market Bike Valet. We are also starting to build a relationship with Appleton COTS, and need some volunteers to help out establishing that very thing. So, as you can see we have a few irons in the fire and we have a board of 7, Please think about getting involved, coming to a meeting, and maybe even getting on a committee. We promise we won’t work you too hard, and you’ll gain some satisfaction and experience helping run a Non-Profit.

Family Friendly Cycling Fest
The First Annual Family Friendly Cycling Fest was a great success. We want to personally thank Appleton Bike, Chain Reaction, Cranked, Wheel and Sprocket, as well as the Tanners Fat Tire Club and Wisconsin Bike Federation for helping us out. All of them went WAY ABOVE and beyond what was expected, and for that we are eternally grateful.  We are already planning for next year, and are planning quite a bit more. Just another one of the places we could use some help.

Now that the Domain is official, you will see regular monthly updates and posts as well as meeting minutes in the very near future. Until then, Get out and Enjoy the Ride All, Cheers!

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