Riding the Fox Cities – April

Well, it’s April, and it’s a great time to ride in the Fox Cities!  Ok, for the observant, it is already May.  (I guess it is technically even May for the unobservant.)  I missed my deadline by a day.  I really did intend to publish this in April and in fact I had it mostly written in April.  However, it started like this…

I planned to tell you about my winery tour by bike in Door County.  My wife and I ventured out the first weekend in April to spend quality time together while riding bike and drinking wine.  And we did do those things, but the reality was a bit different than what we had pictured in our minds.


Yes, that was April.  Remember the 40 mph winds with snow and sleet?  I know my wife does.

I also wanted to blog about the fun FCCA ride on the back roads to Hortonville.  Again, it was a great ride, but we moved back the start time due to this…

Artists Rendering of icy roads

Artists Rendering of icy road (possibly exaggerated)

I thought maybe if I published later in the month I could include pictures that didn’t include any white stuff or ice.  So I waited.  And I am happy to report that I have since had my first ride with shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.  Unfortunately for you I didn’t stop to take a picture…I was too busy riding.  And that is what spring riding is about to me.  There are a good number of windy, cooler, and maybe even rainy days.  However, the really nice days that give us a glimpse into the summer to come make up for it.

Spring is also a time for me to work on my base fitness.  April has a feel of determination and preparation.  I don’t have to be fast or strong, but I try to rack up miles and build up my base fitness.  I try to think of the wind as helping me train as I fight to push against it.  Sometimes my legs ache; both in part due to the wind and trying to do distances that I think should be easy based on where I left off last year.  It can be a wake up call.  But I gladly take that call now so that when the days of summer do come I know I will be ready to enjoy it.

The best part about this time of year is that I also start doing more rides just for fun again.  Although I do rides just for fun in winter, the colder days tend to be dominated by rides with purpose, such as commuting.  The warmer weather makes a casual roll around town enjoyable without worrying about the proper clothing layers.  

One fun ride I did recently was the April FCCA Moonlight Ride.  I led this particular moonlight ride which is held every month, even in winter.  It was really neat to join 35-40 riders for a casual and conversational ride around Appleton.  I definitely look forward to the next Moonlight Ride.


Whatever spring riding means to you, I hope you had a great start to your riding season.  If you didn’t dust off your bike yet, now is the time!  May is jam packed with biking fun and events.  The always popular Fox Valley Bike Challenge / National Bike Challenge will kick off May 1st (today) and provides the chance to win prizes just for riding your bike (as well as some friendly competition).  Bike Week will be May 15 – 21 (more info coming soon).  A new round of Bike! Bingo will also be coming to the Fox Cities, which highlights all the great Bicycle Benefits businesses that want to give you discounts just for arriving by bike.  There are also lots of great group rides and ride events throughout the month.

You can check out the FCCA page for more information, or leave a comment if you have any questions.  As always, if you appreciate the advocacy, rides, and programs that FCCA brings to the community, consider becoming a member!



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